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wagyu beef rendang   18.5           ​​​​​

wagyu beef stew, eleven spices, coconut milk, crispy golden potatoes, pickles                ​​​


​emoji gyutan   22.5                          

marinated seared slice ox tongue, 64°C egg

+ extra ox tongue (100 g)   9    

​emoji gyutan with scrambled egg furikake   25.5

marinated seared slice ox tongue, scrambled egg furikake

+ extra ox tongue (100 g)   9      

black pepper beef   18.5

premium black pepper beef, miso black bean sauce, capsicum, onion, 64ᴼC egg

with scrambled egg furikake   21.5

+ extra black pepper beef (100 g)   7.5

karaage chook   17.5                        

deep fried succulent chicken thigh, cabbage, nori, The Bowls’ sauce


chicken katsudon   18.5

breaded chicken, dashi scrambled egg, ponzu glaze, cabbage salad

pork katsudon   18.5
breaded pork, dashi scrambled egg, ponzu glaze, pickled ginger 


teriyaki chicken   18.5  

caramelised chicken thigh, house-made teriyaki sauce, pickles, roasted sesame dressed salad

japanese curry bowls   18.5

choice of chicken katsu/prawn tempura/karaage chicken/pork katsu, pickled pink ginger


twice cooked pork belly   19

slow cooked braised pork belly, broccolini, sweet soy egg, pickled pink ginger                                                                                  ​


miso salmon   19.5

miso marinated salmon, 64°C egg, nori, cabbage, pickled ginger, furikake       

The Bowls eels   22

grilled eel, furikake scrambled egg, kabayaki sauce

tofu shogayaki (v)   18

deep fried tofu and tempeh, toasted baby spinach, sticky soy ginger sauce

*white rice substitution with salad or brown rice  +2.5



pork belly baos (3 pcs)   16

caramelised pork belly, japanese mayo cabbage, pickled onion, coriander

+ extra bao   5.5


karaage chicken baos (3 pcs)   16

deep fried chicken thigh, mixed leaf, egg mayo sauce, shichimi togarashi

+ extra bao   5.5           


fat ramen   18

braised pork belly, sweet soy egg, dry egg noodle

karaage ramen   18

deep fried succulent chicken thigh, spring onion, nori, sweet soy egg, dry egg noodle


charred broccolini, garlic oil soy, roasted sesame   16.5 

karaage chicken   23.5

deep fried succulent chicken thigh (original/teriyaki/sticky sauce)

lamb ribs   27

lamb ribs, hoisin tomato glaze, seasoning salt, pickles

prawn and pork roll   18

deep fried sliced prawn and pork in bean curd skin

tofu and mushroom shogayaki (vegan)   21.5

deep fried tofu, mushrooms, toasted baby spinach, sticky soy ginger sauce


edamame   5

miso soup   3

karaage chicken (3 pcs)   8.5


prawn tempura (5 pcs)   8.5


takoyaki balls (5 pcs) 7


scrambled egg furikake   8


prawn and pork roll   8.5


charred broccolini with soy, garlic oil, and sesame   9


vegan gyoza (4 pcs)   7


seaweed & mixed leaf salad   6

64°C egg | sweet soy egg   3.5

steamed rice | brown rice   4

coleslaw + sauce   4


egg & mayo sauce   3


yuzu iced tea​   7

matcha milk tea yakult   7

organic springs water   3.5

coke | sprite | fanta   4


san pelegrino sparkling water   6

japanese green tea (can)   4.5

calpico (can)   4.5

aloe vera   5


simple juicery   6



pale ale   8

asahi  8

bintang   8


tiger   8

*BYO - wine only   3/pp

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